Effective January 1, 2022, the WALDO Board of Directors contracted with LYRASIS to manage administrative services related to electronic resource subscriptions. Following are answers to many Frequently Asked Questions.

Will renewal notices come from LYRASIS now?

Yes. All subscription renewals with terms beginning January 1, 2022, or later, will be managed by LYRASIS. LYRASIS will send notices approximately 90 days prior to subscription end, depending on when vendor pricing is received.

Will invoices come from LYRASIS now?

Yes. LYRASIS will issue invoices for your WALDO subscriptions renewing January 1, 2022 and later.

Is there a different address for making payments?

Yes. Please pay special attention to the remittance address on our invoices. There is a different Payee – LYRASIS - and bank account information for sending payments.

My business office needs to set up LYRASIS as a vendor in our system. Where can I get a W-9?

Click here for the LYRASIS W-9

Our business office sometimes takes several months to pay for invoices. What are LYRASIS’s payment terms?

LYRASIS payment terms are 30 days. If you receive a payment reminder, let us know your situation. We do not charge late fees.

Is my institution now a LYRASIS member because of the change in WALDO administrators?

Former WALDO members did not automatically become LYRASIS members. LYRASIS membership conveys a whole host of benefits that extend beyond the e-resource negotiation and administration.

Will libraries need to become LYRASIS members to have access to the WALDO agreements?

No. LYRASIS membership is not needed to continue your electronic resources subscriptions ordered through WALDO. The contracts are between the WALDO Board and the vendors and will remain in place.

Will pricing change under this new arrangement? Are there any added service charges we should expect/plan for?

There is a different administrative fee structure in place as contracted between the WALDO Board and LYRASIS, and while fees may be higher on some products, other products will have lower fees than were applied previously.

Overall, we expect most schools will see costs coming out very close to the same amount of admin fees on products ordered through WALDO even though they are now applied at different rates. This is because LYRASIS is standardizing, scaling, and streamlining our work to oversee these orders in the most efficient way possible.

Who will we work with under the new arrangement? 

Start with WALDO member services:

Beth Scheinfeld / waldo@lyrasis.org / 800-999-8558 x2903 / 678-235-2903 Direct

Beth will manage your inquiry or direct it to the proper LYRASIS staff.

Chat service is available at with a link at the bottom left of every page at waldo.lyrasis.org or https://lyrasis.org.

Can my library take advantage of product offers in the LYRASIS portfolio without being a LYRASIS member?

Yes, WALDO members without LYRASIS membership can order many products for the LYRASIS member price plus a small fee.

How do I report lost access to an electronic resource?

Please send an email to waldo@lyrasis.org with a description of the error or issue and a screen shot if possible. We will send an urgent message to the vendor for help and track progress until resolved.

Where do I get a vendor contract or VPAT?

Please contact waldo@lyrasis.org.

Will "WALDO" the organization continue to exist?

Yes. No changes are planned or under consideration at this time.

Why did WALDO decide to make these administrative changes?

Members were notified of the WALDO administrative changes in July. Click here for the announcement explaining the changes.

What will happen to the WALDO staff we are used to working with?

WALDO is run by volunteers from the 19 charter member institutions. WALDO has no employees. The people you have worked with in the past for electronic resources are employees of Proconsort, a for-profit agent in NY. The WALDO Board is ending their contract with Proconsort for these services. All communication concerning electronic resources subscriptions for terms beginning on January 1, 2022 are now being managed by LYRASIS staff.